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CAFHA is committed to defining housing policy initiatives that advance housing justice and are inclusive of directly impacted persons. Together with an array of partners, CAFHA has made great strides in achieving more equitable housing opportunities at the City, County and State levels.


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In Illinois, over half of Illinois (2.7 million) households earn some sort of non-wage income such as disability benefits, veteran benefits, subsidies, alimony, child support and emergency forms of assistance, including COVID relief. However, many are turned away from available housing or threatened with eviction when attempting to pay their rent with these resources because landlords or property companies simply refuse to accept these non-wage based forms of payment. This is known as Source of Income Discrimination in housing. As a member of the Illinois Coalition for Fair Housing, CAFHA is committed to ensuring the passage and enforcement of statewide source of income protections (HB 2775).

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