HCV Working Group Purpose Statement:

We come together with our unique and varied skill sets as voucher holders, advocates, enforcement agencies, and public housing authorities to identify barriers to housing choice and determine ways we can work together to create stable housing opportunities. We seek to specifically identify enforcement gaps, education and outreach needs, administrative barriers within the voucher program, and accessibility concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about the HCV Working Group, please contact Sarah Delgado at sdelgado@cafha.net.


Online Discrimination Subcommittee- This committee aims to address the egregious amount of discriminatory language used in online housing advertisements. 

Education and Outreach Subcommittee- The Education and Outreach Committee is tasked with creating and implementing a comprehensive messaging strategy to address the goals of the broader HCV working group with an emphasis on countering discrimination, and communicating benefits, legal protections, and resources associated with the HCV program.

Accessibility Subcommittee- The Accessibility Committee is a committee of the HCV Working Group consisting of voucher holders, advocates, enforcement officials, and housing authority staff. Our mission is proactively to identify accessibility obstacles for voucher holders with disabilities and to work collaboratively to address and overcome those issues.

Public Housing Authority (PHA) Policy Subcommittee- The PHA Policy Committee is a committee of the Housing Choice Voucher Working Group consisting of voucher-holders, advocates, enforcement officials, and housing authority staff.  Our purpose is to identify and remediate policy and procedural obstacles to greater parity between HCV participants and other renters in the private sector housing market.