Just Housing Initiative

The Just Housing Initiative is a coalition of individuals with criminal records, social service providers, community organizers, legal and policy experts, housing and criminal justice advocates, coming together to address housing barriers faced by individuals with criminal records. The coalition was formed in response to pervasive housing barriers rooted in the disparate and often unwarranted encounters with the criminal justice system faced by people of color, women experiencing domestic violence, and people with disabilities. The coalition has been actively working to break down silos and expose the intersections between criminal justice and residential segregation to further housing advocacy.

Please consider endorsing this initiative by filling out and returning the Endorsement Form available at the tab below.  Members of your community can participate in the campaign by filling out the postcard below, which you can order in bulk from Patricia Fron at pfron@cafha.net, and then return the signed cards for sorting and transmission to the appropriate Commissioners at CAFHA, 401 South LaSalle, Suite 1101, Chicago Suite 1101, Chicago, IL  60605. For more information on the initiative and a list of current supporters, click the tabs below. For more instructions on how to send the JHI postcards, click here.