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CAFHA conducts important research through a racial-justice lens that reveals critical challenges to fair housing and makes the case for solutions that increase equity and strengthen existing programs.

Since releasing CAFHA’s last report on the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeownership Program in 2021, CAFHA and our partners have worked to advance recommendations to grow the program at the federal and local levels. This report, compiled in partnership with Woodstock Institute, picks up where the last left off and documents progress made, strategies tested, and lessons learned while advocating for greater program investment.

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In 2021, CAFHA published new research highlighting the underutilization of Homeownership Programs offered by Public Housing Authorities. This report focuses on the opportunities, barriers, and impacts of these programs on Black voucher holders. CAFHA felt this focus was important due to the long-documented history of race-based homeownership exclusion committed against Black Americans, the fact that Cook County voucher holders are predominantly Black, and that discrimination against voucher holders in Cook County is largely rooted in anti-Black racism. 

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In 2018, CAFHA partnered with Shriver Center for Poverty Law to launch this first-of-its-kind report highlighting the current mechanics and impacts of aldermanic prerogative within a civil rights legal framework. The findings demonstrate that the City of Chicago has neglected to fulfill its civil rights obligations by failing to ensure a fair balance of power that allows for the development of equitable family affordable housing.

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In 2017, the Chicago Policy Research Team (Chicago PRT) and the Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance (CAFHA) published this policy report examining source of income discrimination and the experiences of Housing Choice Voucher participants in Chicago and suburban Cook County. This report explores the barriers to HCV participants’ housing choice, affirms the benefits of affording access to areas of opportunity in our region, and offers mechanisms to ameliorate discrimination and smooth the uneven geographies of housing choice.

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